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All of our pre-owned instruments are inspected and placed on the showroom floor only if we can be confident that they are in good condition with many more playable years. The time and effort we put into each piano will bring it to a condition that is as good as possible for that particular instrument.

Baldwin L
Baldwin L
$22,550.00 $26,550.00

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6'3" Ebony Polish Grand - Serial #340732 - 1996

Built in 1996, this ebony polish 6'3" Baldwin has been in the home of only one owner. It has had light use and was well cared for. It has been fully inspected and is in good condition.


Baldwin SD6
Baldwin SD6

9' Ebony Satin Concert Grand - Serial #129589 - 1955

This 1955 ebony satin Baldwin SD6 concert grand piano was completely restored by RPI in 2010 and was with one owner for the last 10 years. It was in a large home, and very well loved and cared for. It is now back because of a downsizing and ready for a new home.


Baldwin D
Baldwin D

9' Mahogany Satin Concert Grand - Serial #16656 - 1910

This Mahogany satin 9' concert grand is a fine example of the wonderful pianos produced in the early 1900's by Baldwin in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Victorian case styling is unique for this piano size.


Bluthner 7'
Bluthner 7'

7' Ebony Satin Grand - Serial #42785 - 1895, Fully restored in 2013

Built in 1895 and restored by RPI in 2013, this is a wonderful preowned 7' Blüthner grand with an art case style. It will be reconditioned soon.


Feurich 190
Feurich 190
$28,800.00 $32,600.00

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6'3" Ebony Polish Grand Piano - Serial #73180 - 1986

This German made Feurich 6'3" Ebony polish grand, model 190 was built in 1986 in the Bechstein piano company in Langlau. It comes with an artist bench and cover.


Haessler 186
Haessler H186

6'1" Ebony Polish Grand Piano - Serial #199776 - 2005

This German made Haessler 6'1" Ebony polish grand, model H186 was built in 2005 by the Blüthner Piano Factory in Leipzig. This piano has been lightly used in a home setting. It had a player system that has since been removed, and thus does not have a sostenuto pedal. This can be reassembled if needed.


Irmler F18E
Irmler F18E
$15,500.00 $18,500.00

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5'11" Mahogany Polish Grand - Serial #128 - 2000

This Classic edition mahogany polish Irmler Europe grand is 5'11", has a beautiful case with turned legs and a hand carved music desk. It is unique in that you won't be able to get another Irmler Europe piano like this, as they are all made in the traditional style today.


Kawai GE-1
Kawai GE-1

5'1" Ebony Polish - Serial #1816085 - 1988

This Kawai model GE-1 ebony polish 5'1" baby grand piano was built in Japan in 1988. It was kept very well in a home and one family owned. This piano comes with a padded bench and is very clean. Its a great size to fit most living spaces!


Kawai RX-2
Kawai RX-2

5'10" Ebony Polish - Serial #2613410 - 2010

This Kawai model RX-2, built in 2010, is a very popular model which received many accolades for its Ultra-Responsive Action with ABS Styran found in all RX models. It is a 5'10" Blak Performance Series, ebony polish grand and comes with a matching bench. This piano comes with a top of the line PianoDisc player system which includes a silent and record options.


Kimball Le Petite
La Petite Kimball Grand

4'4" Ebony Satin La Petite Grand - Serial #D95816 - 1984

This ebony satin La Petite Kimball grand piano is less than 5' long, with a smaller height and width than your typical grand piano. It is 4.5 feet wide and 3 ft tall with the lid down. It was built in 1984 and in one home its whole life. It passed our strict inspection and is in excellent condition. This little piano will be a good instrument for your beginner student and make a great edition to your space.


Knabe KN-500
Knabe KN-500

4'11" Ebony Polish Grand Piano - Serial #121096 - 1996

This piano was made in 1996 and owned by one family. It has had very little use and was very well taken care of.


Knabe 6'3"
$19,500.00 $22,500.00

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6'3" Mahogany Satin Grand Piano - Serial #62027 - 1906

This Mahogany Satin 6'3" grand with a Victorian case, was built in 1906. It was restored in the early 90's by RPI, and is now in need of a new home.


Knabe 6'4"
$19,500.00 $22,600.00

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6'4" Mahogany Satin Grand Piano - Serial #127727 - 1941

This Mahogany Satin 6'4" grand was built in 1941 and restored in our restoration center in 1999. It was taken care of very well, and comes with a Dampp-Chaser climate control system and cover. The case is beautiful, with no fading, and it is now undergoing the reconditioning process.


Knabe 76
Knabe 7'6"

7'6" Rosewood Satin Grand Piano - Serial #14783 - 1871

This Rosewood Satin 7'6" grand was built in 1871 and restored in our restoration center in 2003, except for the refinishing. It was well taken care of, but placed in a sunny spot, so it does have fading to the finish. The case is beautifully ornate, and the cast iron plate has the original decals.


Petrof PD

5'8" Walnut Polish PianoDisc Player Grand Piano - Serial #574643 - 2000

This is a beautiful Petrof 5'8" grand in walnut polish finish. It comes with a padded adjustable double bench and a PianoDisc player which plays both CDs and Floppy discs. This piano has been meticulously taken care of and will be a wonderful addition to any home.


George Steck GS-72
George Steck GS-72

5'8"Mahogany Polish Grand Piano - Serial #GL8412 - 15 yrs old

This George Steck Model GS-72 is a 5'8" Mahogany polish grand and was built after 2004 and most likely about 15 years old.


Steinway M
Steinway & Sons M
$31,900.00 $34,900.00

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5'7" Walnut Satin Grand - Serial #319734 - 1946, Restored in 1997

Built in 1946 and restored by RPI in 1997, this preowned 5'7" model M Steinway & Sons grand has been reconditioned and is ready to be enjoyed by a new family.


Steinway A
Steinway & Sons A

6'2" Mahogany Satin Grand - Serial #99571 - 1900, Fully restored in 1997

Built in 1900 and restored by RPI in 1997, this preowned 6'2" model A Steinway & Sons grand has been reconditioned and is ready to be enjoyed by a new family.


Weber WDG50
Weber WDG-50

4'11" Ebony Polish Grand - Serial #TG0017132 - 2006

This baby grand was made in China by the Young Chang company. It is a great little piano for the aspiring pianist. It has had only one owner.


Weber WG-50
Weber WG-50M
$8,500.00 $10,500.00

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4'11" Mahogany Polish Grand - Serial #G121005 - 1996

This lovely Mahogany polish 4'11" grand was owned by one family and has had minimal use. It was obviously very well cared for, and looks brand new.


Weber WG-50
Weber WG-50
$8,500.00 $9,900.00

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4'11" Ebony Polish Grand - Serial #G102200 - 1996

Here is an entry level baby grand that will fit in most living rooms or music studio. This ebony polish 4'11" grand was owned by one family and has had minimal use.


Weber WG-60
Weber WG-60

6'1" Ebony Polish Grand - Serial #YG0136442 - 2001

This is a nice size grand made by the Young Chang company in South Korea. It is a polished ebony piano with a working climate control that includes 2 heater bars and a thermostat. A padded bench cover is also included. One family owned this piano, and it has had good care.


Yamaha G1
Yamaha G1

5'3" Ebony Satin Grand Piano - Serial #J3140435 - 2014

This Yamaha G-1 is a satin ebony 5'3" grand piano - a harder to find finish option on a newer instrument. Built in 2014 in Indonesia by Yamaha, this piano has had only one owner, who took great care of the instrument. It comes with a nylon cover, and will be a beautiful addition to any home or music studio.


Yamaha G1
Yamaha G1 Walnut

5'3" Walnut Polish Grand Piano - Serial #R4900382 - 1990

This Yamaha G1 is a beautiful walnut polish 5'3" grand piano that looks like new! Built in 1990 in Japan, it has had only one conscientious owner, and it shows! The piano is in excellent shape, with a lot of life left - it will be a wonderful edition to your home or music studio.


Young Chang YP-185
Young Chang YP-185

Platinum Series - 6'1" African Pommele Polish Grand - #YC0144665 - 2011

This piano has had one owner since 2011, and has had very little use in the last 10 years. It will be a wonderful piano for an aspiring pianist. It is a great size, with a beautiful polished finish and rose gold harp.


Pre-Owned Upright Pianos

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