Kawai KG-2D

Kawai KG-2D

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5'10" Walnut Satin Grand Piano - Serial #1722878 - 1987

This Walnut Satin 5'10" grand was built in 1987. While it has had a few owners, it was well cared for by its latest owner and much loved. This piano has a lovely sound, but does come with some age-related imperfections that make it an as-is piano.

It has been inspected and found to have a solid soundboard with no cracks, and tight tuning pins. The bridges are developing hairline cracks. This issue may affect the clarity of the tone of the piano, but will not affect the tunability, and should hold up for several more years in a home setting. The case does have some sun fading and one small area of missing veneer.


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This piano is sold as-is, and therefore is not warrantied.

Kawai Piano History

Founded in Japan in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, the Kawai piano has built a reputation for quality instruments. This company continues to be under the leadership of the Kawai family. Kawai is known for it's innovations in stable materials to make action parts and is the 2nd leading piano company in the world.

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