Pre-Owned As-Is Pianos

A Selection of Available As-Is Pianos

We have a lot of pianos! Our selection of inspected instruments extends into an overflow showroom. These pianos have passed inspection, however they may not make it to our showroom floor. They are available to you as-is and without warranty, and most can be purchased at discounted prices. Please call or visit for more information.

Baldwin Hamilton
Baldwin Hamilton Grand

4'8" Walnut Satin Grand - Serial #135750 - 1947

This walnut satin 4'8" baby grand has all original parts, except for hammers which have been replaced sometime in the past. The case is a traditional style, with wear and tear one would expect from a 1947 piano. It has been well loved, but will hold a tune and last for some time with normal use. Both the soundboard and bridges are in good shape.



Chickering Grand
Chickering 5'6"

5'6" Mahogany Satin Grand Piano - Serial #109670 - 1906

This Mahogany Satin 5'6" grand with a Luis XV style case was built in 1906. It has undergone restoration, but not by RPI. The soundboard is original and has been repaired. The pinblock and strings have been replaced, and the bridges are recapped. The hammers have been replaced. Details of this restoration cannot be verified since it was not done RPl. This piano is playable, and the tuning pins are tight, however the bridge caps were not done correctly, and there is cracking in the two upper registers. The pinblock is not seated as well as it could be, but the pins are tight and tunable. The action parts (other than the hammers) are original. This piano is being sold as-is. It could last 2 or 10 years just fine, but eventually will need more repairs.



Kawai KG-2D
Kawai KG-2D

5'10" Walnut Satin Grand Piano - Serial #1722878 - 1987

This Walnut Satin 5'10" grand was built in 1987. While it has had a few owners, it was well cared for by its latest owner and much loved. This piano has a lovely sound, but does come with some age-related imperfections that make it an as-is piano.

It has been inspected and found to have a solid soundboard with no cracks, and tight tuning pins. The bridges are developing hairline cracks. This issue may affect the clarity of the tone of the piano, but will not affect the tunability, and should hold up for several more years in a home setting. The case does have some sun fading and one small area of missing veneer.




57" Large Upright Piano - Serial #7338 - 1894

This is a large old upright from the late 1800's. It was worked over by a good technician and refinished. The case is a lovely Maple with visible grain, and the the nickel pedals have been plated. At sometime in the past 20 years the hammers have been replaced, the pins have been replaced with oversized pins so they are nice and tight. There are repairs to the soundboard and bridges. It will make a nice piano for your antique collection, and it sounds great! It will hold a tune and be a good instrument your music room. The ivory keys are original, and it has a metal mute which turns the piano into a honky-tonk instrument. Bench included.


Hobart M Cable
Hobart M. Cable

40" Walnut Satin Hobart M. Cable Console Piano - Serial #396980 - 1965

This Hobart M. Cable piano was built in 1965, most likely in the Story & Clark manufacturing plant in Grand Haven, Michigan. It has been inspected and passed with a good report - very clean with no cracks on the bridges or soundboard, the pins are tight and the pin-block has no separation. This piano is being sold As-Is, so does not qualify for a 2-year warranty, but is a good starter instrument for the aspiring pianist on a tight budget.



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