Kimball La Petite

Kimball La Petite Grand White

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4'5" White Polish La Petite Grand - Serial #T70655 - 1988

This white polish La Petite Kimball grand piano is less than 5' long, with a smaller height and width than your typical grand piano. It is 4.5 feet wide and 3 ft tall with the lid down. It was built in 1988 and in one home its whole life. It passed our strict inspection and is in good condition. This little piano will be a good instrument for your beginner student and is soon to be ready for its new home.

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The action will been cleaned and regulated and it will have a final tuning before it is delivered to your home. The finish is in good condition with normal wear and tear, and all brass parts will be polished. A matching, padded bench is included. Reconditioning will include:

  • Hammer Resurfacing
  • Aligning Hammers to Strings
  • Tightening Action Screws
  • Leveling Keys
  • Adjusting Key Dip
  • Adjusting Let-off and Backchecks
  • Cleaning the Strings
  • Polishing Keytops
  • Polishing Brass Hardware
  • Cleaning both inside & out
  • Adjusting the Pedals
  • Re-pinning & Replacing Felts as Needed
  • Tuning and Voicing

Kimball Piano History

The Kimball Company started making reed organs in 1877 in Chicago, Illinois, and by 1887 expanded to include pianos in the massive factory. In 1961 the company was moved to Indiana until 1996, when the last Kimball grand rolled off the production line. In fact, from 1922 until the mid 1960's the Kimball company grew to be the top ranked piano maker in the world!

The original Kimball company still exists today, however no longer makes pianos, but rather specializes in furniture. The Kimball pianos of today are now solely made in Asia under new ownership.

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Additional fees may be added to the delivery of acoustic pianos if there are flights of stairs, steep inclines, tight corners or the use of a crane is required.


We guarantee our work with a 2-year mechanical warranty.