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Model 6 Pyramid
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Blüthner Pianos

The Piano with the Golden Tone.

Orchestras and pianists alike are impressed by the sound, the shading of the dynamics, and the outstanding performance of the instruments.

"Blüthner instruments can really sing. This is probably the greatest complement that can be paid to an instrument" Wilhelm Furtwängler.

Blüthner Classic Series - Grands (Rollover Images to Preview, Click for More Info)

For instruction on regulating a Blüthner Patent Grand Action, click here.

Blüthner Classic Series - Uprights (Rollover Images to Preview, Click for More Info)

Blüthner Supreme Edition (Rollover Images to Preview, Click for More Info)

Whichever instrument of this collection suits your style, all represent the finest in piano making: mature construction, the finest quality materials, excellent workmanship, a wide dynamic range, responsive touch, a full sound, stability of tuning and precise functioning of the action.

For more information on Blüthner pianos; including history, finishes and technical specs, click here.

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