New Pianos


The Piano with the Golden Tone

Classic Series / Supréme Edition / Crystal Edition

Bluthner model 1
Model 1

9'2" Concert Grand

Bluthner model 2
Model 2

7'8" Semi-Concert Grand

Bluthner model 4
Model 4

6'10" Parlour Grand

Bluthner model 6
Model 6

6'3" Salon Grand

Bluthner model 10
Model 10

5'5" Grand

Bluthner model 11
Model 11

5'1" Grand

Bluthner model S
Model S

57.3" Professional Concert Upright

Bluthner model B
Model B

52.2" Professional Upright

Bluthner model A
Model A

49" Professional Upright

Bluthner model C
Model C

46.2" Studio Upright

Bluthner model D
Model D

45.7" Studio Upright

Supréme Edition

Supreme Dynasty

6'10" Model 4

Supreme Ambassador

7'8" Model 2

Supreme Jubilee

6'3" Model 6

Supreme Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II

6'3" Model 6

Supreme Julius Bluthner
Julius Blüthner

6'3" Model 6

Supreme Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria

7'8" Model 2

Supreme Louis XIV
Louis XIV

6'10" Model 4

Supreme Nicolaus II
Nicolaus II

5'5" Model 10

Supreme Senator

6'3" Model 6

Supreme President

6'10" Model 4

Jubilee Plate
Jubilee Plate

Designed for the Model 6 (6'3")

Crystal Edition - PH Grand - Wood Veneers

Crystal Elegance Sport
Blüthner Crystal

Elegance - Sport

PH Grand
PH Grand

Black - Rose Gold

Wood Veneers


Since 1853, Blüthner pianos have been exclusively manufactured in Leipzig, Germany. To this day, the Blüthner family of craftsman and entrepreneurs continue to head the Blüthner firm and personally oversee the production of each piano bearing their name. They carry on the legacy of the founder, Julius Blüthner, to build the best pianos in the world. The highest standards of precision and craftsmanship have been achieved for over 150 years. Today, this standard is certified on every individual soundboard by the signatures of the Blüthner family owners.

Orchestras and pianists alike are impressed by the sound, the shading of the dynamics, and the outstanding performance of the instruments.

"Blüthner instruments can really sing. This is probably the greatest complement that can be paid to an instrument"

Wilhelm Furtwängler

Instructions on regulating a Blüthner Patent Grand Action.

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