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The Blüthner Crystal Edition

Combining the beauty of modern acrylic design with the excellence in performance that is expected from a Blüthner instrument.

Let yourself be inspired by the possiblities of the Crystal Edition by Blüthner. Our transparent case keeps the clean lines of the traditional grand piano form while opening up a world of creative possibilites inside. Combine the crystal-clear paneling with solid colors, custom artwork, LED illumination or simply marvel at the heart of the instrument.

Begin with one of our four base crystal models - and dream away. Each Crystal design holds the heart of a world class Blüthner grand piano in luminous, tranparent suspension, awaiting your personal aesthetic refinement.

Base Crystal Models





Other Models

Hive - Elegance


Yacht Edition


Crystal Elegance

The glamorous side of elegance, a grand piano that can be customized with the most exclusive selection of high gloss polyester colors or veneer finishes in a semi-transparent version with a matching frame and soundboard color.

A solid wooden inner rim visually and structurally anchors the body of the Crystal Elegance transparent piano design, ready to be painted, polished, or illuminated with strategically placed LED lighting.

Crystal Elegance - Panoramic Designs

The Blüthner Crystal Elegance Panorama suspends your artwork in a structure of space, light and reflection - which also happens to be a world class performance piano.

Crystal iDyllic

The Blüthner Crystal iDyllic Excellence is a truly transparent grand piano. It appears weightless, floating, a sculpture of clarity. Gone are the bulky wooden support beams and unsightly bolts. The Blüthner Pianoforte Factory has redefined the way a fully transparent grand piano is created and achieved a seamless design aesthetic.

The Idyllic Crystal Grand Piano by Blüthner features true perfection in piano transparency. Here, the soundboard, strings and plate are supported by an exclusive ultra low-profile rim, achieving a delightful perception of weightless suspension.

Crystal Hive Xtravaganza

The Hive Xtravaganza is an assertive statement of whimsical elegance. Resonating with artistic and musical energy, the Hive is poised in a naturally elegant form, world class musicality ensconced amongst a flutter of wings as light freely streams through its case.

The intricate structure of the Hive Xtravaganza model is a piano designer's delight. Inspired by nature, a whimsical mosaic of colored acyrillic allow light to peek through a coccoon of wings.

Crystal Hive - Elegance Combination

The solid base of the Hive Elegance design also invites a touch of whimsy by adding details from the Hive Xtravaganza pattern.

The intricate structure of the Hive Elegance model is a piano designer's delight. Inspired by nature, a whimsical mosaic of colored acyrillic allow light to peek through a coccoon of wings.

Crystal Quadrille Upright

All the beauty of the stunning crystal design, standing on tip-toe. The upright piano Quadrille suspends the beauty of the action mechanism right before your eyes. Piano hammers dance in perfect concert. The precision of its inner working fascinates - whether in motion or at rest.

The classic upright piano in a crystal-clear case frames a lively picture of craftsmanship and mechanical movement. Whether fully tranparent or molded with a web of color, the Quadrille Crystal Design Piano is fascinating.


The Blüthner ENZO model sits on a dramatic metallic pedestal that curves and splays into a V-toed aeronautic sculpture. The matching metallic lid is filigreed with inserts of clear acrylic panes, like a leaded window evolving into 21st century functionality. This innovative concept is unlike anything done before.


EXO - The quintessence of futuristic piano design and craftsmanship, featuring MONAD Studio's signature 3D forms escorted by Blüthner's Golden Tone. The radical three-dimensionality of the EXO creates a sense of futuristic opulence highlighted by the seamless, fluid elegance of the sculptural exoskeleton that frames the grand piano's instrumental core. Its radical morphology invokes a sense of arresting elegance, blending cutting-edge 3D technology with Blüthner Pianoforte Fabrik's sonic expertise.

Crystal Yacht Edition

The cast iron frame, soundboard and inner rim are treated with marine coat painting. Abrasion resistant marine acrylic is used for the outer rim. For the iDyllic models the counter frame has been manufactured with marine grade 316 stainless steel. High-gloss stainless steel marine grade 316 rigging solution has been applied to sea-fasten all of Yacht Edition models.

Customizing the Blüthner Crystal Edition

Here are just a few of the elements that are customizable.

View more information and unique and beautiful photos at the Blüthner Designer Piano site.

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