Trade, Consign, Sell Your Piano


Needing to upgrade your current instrument? We may accept your piano as a trade-in. Please provide us with some information for us to determine how much your piano is worth towards a new instrument.

Consign or Sell

Needing to sell your instrument? Consignment may be an option. All pre-owned pianos will be reconditioned to make them as like-new as possible. This includes general cleaning, case polishing, action regulation, tuning and voicing. Each instrument is evaluated to determine its worth once it is in our shop, and when reconditioning is complete, it is given a 2-year warranty. We consign Yamaha, Kawai, Mason & Hamlin, Steinway, Everett, Baldwin and Sohmer pianos. At this time we are not taking more pianos. We will resume when we have more room.

On occasion we may buy your piano if it is rare, unique or a Steinway, Mason & Hamlin or other well-built grand need of restoration.

We will need some information about your piano to determine if it will be a good fit for our showroom, including the make of the piano, serial number and recent photos.

From time to time we hear of a family in need of a piano who may have limited funds to purchase one. If your piano is in good playing condition and is able to hold a tune, consider donating your piano!

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