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e-Klavier - Blüthner Digital Pianos

The Golden Tone is now a Digital experience.

Introducing the e-Klavier, developed and designed in Leipzig, Germany by the piano-makers of Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH. Guided by the philosophy of Authentic Acoustic Behavior, the e-Klavier steps closer to the character of a true acoustic instrument than ever before.

Acoustic Piano Simulation

Blüthner has developed a unique approach to sound modeling that allows the e-Klavier to reproduce the advanced harmonics of the acoustic instrument. These sounds are further supported by effects such as Aliquot Resonance Modeling, Harmonic Damper Modeling and reverb for a more natural sound.

Harmonic Damper Modeling

The interplay between the tone and the dampers of an acoustic piano is a delicate relationship. With the advanced Harmonic Damper Modeling of the Blüthner e-Klavier series, one can hear the sound of the dampers lifting off the strings, and can control how much dampening takes place mid-note.

The Sound

When Blüthner envisioned the simulation of a Blüthner Model One Concert Grand in digital format, preserving the warmth of the Golden Tone was paramount. The sampling was done in Leipzig, Germany with a new modeling technique designed by Blüthner. It is the crown of a stunning library of first generation sound samples, produced through Blüthner APS technology.

Blüthner Grand Touch

Developed to render the most versatile nuances, the e-Klavier features a quick action and well balanced synthetic ivory keys. The feel of the heavier bass hammers of an acoustic piano that lighten up through the treble are recreated in the 4-zone Graded Hammer design. This action design also gives a simulated feeling of hammer escapement and after touch.

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