Soundboard - Pinblock


The soundboard is the heart of the piano; superb tone quality, rich and resonant sound is the fruit of a high-quality, perfectly constructed board.

Quarter-sawn, fine-grained solid spruce is used to replace soundboards with cracks and no crown. All new soundboards and ribs are crowned. Each board is dried to insure a minimum moisture content of 5-6%.

A specialty at Reeder Pianos, the art of soundboard construction and installation has been studied and perfected in the piano restoration center.


As a critical part in determining the longevity of the piano, the pinblock must be strong enough to tolerate 20 tons of string pressure and to hold the pins tightly.

Highest quality multi-laminate maple or beech is used to replace worn and cracked pinblocks.

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The Making of a Soundboard
soundboard soundboard Pinblock