New Pianos

Baldwin B151

Baldwin B151

5' - Academy Series Grand

Baldwin's new Academy Series has a piano for all budgets and every requirement, and the B151 is a great example. If you always wanted a genuine grand piano of unparalleled Baldwin quality but thought you didn't quite have the space to accommodate one, the new B151 just might be the answer to your dreams. At just 5' in length, the B151 takes up very little space, but its compact dimensions are built with the highest quality materials and workmanship. This, plus the prestige of having a legendary Baldwin grand piano in your living space.

Features To Last You A Lifetime

Baldwin Academy Series Grand Pianos are built to last a lifetime. The plate is pure iron ore made in the traditional method of slow wet-sand casting. The strings are from Roslau in Germany, and the pinblock is laminated hard rock maple. The B151 Grand features a hardwood rim of Beech and Abel hammers from Germany.


Polished Ebony (HPE)

Polished Ebony w/Silver Hardware (HPE/S)

Satin Ebony (EBY)

Polished Mahogany (HPM) (pictured)

Polished Walnut (HPW)

Polished White (HPWH)

Hammers: Abel from Germany

Strings: High-grade Music Wire from Roslau

Speaking Length: 43"

Soundboard: All Spruce

Soundboard Area: Sq. In. 1,555

Bridges: Vertically Laminated Maple w/Beech Cap, Precision Notched By Hand

Ribs: 10, Solid Spruce

Action Material: Maple and Hornbeam

Keys: Solid Spruce, Ebony Sharp Keys

Keybed: Spruce

Pedals: 3 Solid Brass

Fallboard: Slow-Close (imported hydraulic)

Rim: Beech

Plate: Traditional Wet-Sand Cast Iron

Pin Block: 10-ply Laminated Hard Maple

Tuning Pins: Nickel-Plated Steel, Cut Thread

Warranty: 10 years, parts and labor

Dimensions: 40.5" height x 58.5" width x 5' length

All specifications subject to change without notice.

A Commitment To Excellence

Baldwin has been "America’s Favorite Piano" ever since company founder D.H. Baldwin vowed to manufacture "the best piano that can be built" over 100 years ago. From concert stages to recording studios to family music rooms, Baldwin Academy Series pianos continue to set the industry standard for design, materials, and workmanship at an unbeatable price.

Baldwin's commitment to the art of crafting quality pianos has long been recognized by individuals who demand the best. Regardless of the genre, a Baldwin piano speaks the language of music with eloquence and passion. Golden tones ring with definition and authority. Keys respond to the subtlest command. No matter which Baldwin you choose, you'll own an instrument that is preferred by many of today's finest pianists, composers, conductors, studios, symphony orchestras and performance venues.

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