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The Restoration Center

"The craftsmanship and passion you bring to the restoration process is wonderful."

--T.P., Birmingham, Michigan

"My piano tuner says he has never worked on an instrument with as much sustaining resonance."

"Thank you for the care and craftsmanship you put into it."

--C.B., Iowa City, Iowa

"I want to thank you for the extraordinary fine work you did on the piano... work that an artisan would not undertake except for the love of the craft."

--D.C., Rochester, New York

"Thank you for the beautiful work you did on my piano. It would be easy to list 100 different ways in which it has helped me and my students in our musical pursuits ... It is a beautiful miracle."

--C.R., Prescott, Arizona

"...I had been discouraged about the piano, thinking little could be done... However, the restorative work made in effect, a 'new instrument..."

--D.R., Grand Ledge, Michigan

"I cannot tell you how impressed I was with your operation, and, more importantly, the exacting standards you entertain."

--B.H., Ohio

"I want to express how much I have enjoyed dealing with you and your staff in the rebuilding process of my beautiful Steinway. From beginning to end, you have made the entire process a pleasure."

--G.R., Okemos, Michigan

"You have earned your reputation as being the best piano restorer in Michigan."

--M.A., Zealand, Michigan

"The time had come to either replace my 100-year-old Mason-Hamlin BB, or rebuild it. I tried hundreds of new and used pianos, and visited at least a dozen rebuilders. I had visited Reeder many years ago, and was completely amazed at the quality of his used and rebuilt pianos, but that was before all that shopping, and 10 or 15 years ago. Was his work really that good?"

"I returned, and there on the shop floor was a gorgeous rebuilt 100-year-old Mason-Hamlin BB! I couldn't stop playing it, even though I loved several other pianos he had there. I might have bought it, but it was black and the one I own is mahogany and matches my other furniture, so I sent my mahogany monster off to him for rebuilding, trusting him to do as beautiful a job on mine as the one in the shop."

"My trust was well-placed. I have had the piano back for a year now; plenty of time for defects to become apparent. There have been none. I am completely delighted with the work, from the finish to the tone to the action. The regulation is where most rebuilt pianos disappoint, and this has been absolutely spectacular. After hundreds of hours of playing, it remains wonderfully responsive, even and easy to play."

"Mr. Reeder has a small crew of long-time employees, but insists on transporting the pianos himself and observing the local moving crew. My 1100-lb piano made it from Lansing, Michigan to Chicago and up to my 3rd floor apartment without a hitch. I'm sure Mr. Reeder's presence had something to do with that."

--Melissa L., Chicago, Illinois Yelp Review

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