Kawai RX-2

Kawai RX-2

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5'10" Ebony Polish - Serial #2613410 - 2010

This Kawai model RX-2, built in 2010, is a very popular model which received many accolades for its Ultra-Responsive Action with ABS Styran found in all RX models. It is a 5'10" Blak Performance Series, ebony polish grand and comes with a matching bench. This piano comes with a top of the line PianoDisc player system which includes a silent and record options.

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Owned by a musician, this piano was meticulously maintained and tuned regularly. It is in pristine condition. It has been reconditioned, which included:

  • Though inspection of all parts
  • Hammer Resurfacing
  • Aligning Hammers to Strings
  • Tightening Action Screws
  • Leveling Keys
  • Adjusting Key Dip
  • Adjusting Let-off and Backchecks
  • Cleaning the Strings
  • Polishing Keytops
  • Polishing the Case
  • Polishing the Brass Hardware
  • Adjusting the Pedals
  • Tuning & Voicing

We back our work with a 2-year warranty.

New, this piano would cost $38,500. You get so much value with this preowned piano!

Kawai Piano History

Founded in Japan in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, the Kawai piano has built a reputation for quality instruments. This company continues to be under the leadership of the Kawai family. Kawai is known for it's innovations in stable materials to make action parts and is the 2nd leading piano company in the world.

Come take a look at our pre-owned Kawai pianos! You won't be disappointed.

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Additional fees may be added to the delivery of acoustic pianos if there are flights of stairs, steep inclines, tight corners or the use of a crane is required.


We guarantee our work with a 2-year mechanical warranty.