Hyundai G-82

Hyundai G-82

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5'9" Ebony Satin Grand Model G-82 - Serial #ILHG0432 - 1992

The satin finish is not as common in the polyester finish pianos of today, so what a great find this is! It is in great condition, with very little use and a lot of life left on the hammers. This piano has a mellow tone that will open up as it is played. A great piano for the price!

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Two different families owned this piano, and both were very careful to maintain and care for the instrument. It has passed inspection with flying colors, and will soon be reconditioned. This will include cleaning, tuning and rub-out of the case. This piano is eligible for a 2-year warranty.

Hyundai does not make pianos anymore, however a similar NEW piano will cost around $19,000. We have this and several other very nice, barely used instruments that are available for much less - come by to see our selection of inspected and reconditioned pre-owned instruments - we'd love to meet you!

Hyundai Piano History

Hyundai is a large South Korean company that manufactures many products, including cars ... The Hyundai music division manufactured pianos from 1981 to 1992. The pianos were actually made by the Samick company for the Hyundai company, and sold throughout the world as a comparable instrument to Young Chang and mid-range Kawai and Yamaha.

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We guarantee our work with a 2-year mechanical warranty.