Breitmann B120

Breitmann B120

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48" Mahogany Polish Studio - Serial #100295 - 2003

Back for resale is a mahogany polish Breitmann 48" studio upright, #100295 model B120. This 2003 piano is in like-new condition.

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With very little wear, it has been a local instrument that RPI sold new. Upon inspection it is found to be in excellent condition with very little wear on the hammers and no scratches on the case. Bench included. Like all pre-owned instruments, this piano has been reconditioned by RPI which included:

  • Hammer Resurfacing
  • Aligning Hammers to Strings
  • Tightening Action Screws
  • Leveling Keys
  • Adjusting Key Dip
  • Adjusting Let-off and Backchecks
  • Cleaning the Strings
  • Polishing Keytops
  • Cleaning Both Inside & Out
  • Adjusting the Pedals
  • Tuning
  • Polishing the Case as needed

The Breitmann piano is no longer made today, however a new piano of this size and quality costs around $6318.

Breitmann Piano History

Between 2003 and 2005 the Breitmann piano was made in China under the umbrella of the Blüthner Piano company and to their specifications. Another way to bring the price point to a reachable range for new pianists, yet under the careful eye of the German company, here are the technical specs:

Plate: Cast Iron
Case: 5 Post Back
Soundboard: Laminated Spruce
Pinblock: Multi-laminate 18-ply German made Delignit
Strings: Drawn German Steel, Copper Wound on Steel in Bass
Tuning Pins: Nickel Plated
Action: All Wood Hornbeam or Maple, Made to German Specifications
Hammers: Abel - Made in Germany, Long Grained, All Wool Fibers
Keys: Laminated Spruce/Pine, Fully Counter Balanced with Acrylic Tops and Sharps
Hardware: Solid Brass
Finish: High Polish Polyester Mahogany

After manufacture in Asia, the pianos were shipped to the Blüthner factory for inspection and quality control. The Breitmann is no longer made today. A comparable new instrument is the Irmler studio edition vertical piano.

More information from our website Breitmann B120

Additional fees may be added to the delivery of acoustic pianos if there are flights of stairs, steep inclines, tight corners or the use of a crane is required.


We guarantee our work with a 2-year mechanical warranty.