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Restored Pianos

Restored Mason & Hamlin Pianos Available in our Showroom

Manufacturer Model Serial # Finish Size Year G/U Price
Mason & Hamlin CC 2 1774 Ebony Satin 9' 1970 Grand Mid 60's
Mason & Hamlin CC 1 15745 Ebony Satin 9'4" 1905 Grand Low 80's
Mason & Hamlin CC 2 1679 Ebony Satin 9' 1975 Grand High 50's

We have a large selection of Mason pianos available and in the process of being restored. Please contact us for more information.


Please contact us by email, phone or fax for pricing of these restored Mason & Hamlin pianos.

Last updated 8/2/2019

Restored Mason & Hamlin Pianos

We specialize and take great passion in the restoration of fine Mason & Hamlin pianos. A vintage Mason & Hamlin piano from the Reeder Piano Restoration Center is fully restored to the highest standards available in the piano rebuilding business. Our exclusive, world-class, fully restored pianos are all backed by our 5-year Reeder Piano Warranty*. The "Reeder Piano" rebuilt Mason & Hamlin piano is a well-known and remarkable piano.

Vintage Mason & Hamlin pianos are considered by many to be the finest Mason & Hamlin pianos ever built, they are generally priced about 20% less than comparable new models.

While we have a large inventory of Mason & Hamlin pianos in the process of being restored, we also have newer Mason & Hamlin pianos available. They are all fully reconditioned as needed and each piano is meticulously prepped. Each restored or reconditioned Mason & Hamlin piano is a great value and investment.

We welcome your visit to see our selection of fine Mason & Hamlin pianos or just bring family and friends and come take a tour and see these wonderful pianos while they are in the process of being restored at our Piano Restoration Center.

*A copy of the warranty may be obtained by contacting us.