George Steck Console

George Steck

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40" Cherry Console - Serial #177266 - 1963

This Cherry satin 40" George Steck console piano #177266 was built in 1963.

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During this time the piano was made in the USA by the Aeolian piano company. Though we have little information of its ownership history, inspection shows no cracking of the bridges or soundboard and the pins are tight. It appears to be very well taken care of. Bench included. It is in line for reconditioning to make it as good as new, this will include:

  • Hammer Resurfacing
  • Aligning Hammers to Strings
  • Tightening Action Screws
  • Leveling Keys
  • Adjusting Key Dip
  • Adjusting Let-off and Backchecks
  • Cleaning the Strings
  • Polishing Keytops
  • Cleaning both inside & out
  • Adjusting the Pedals
  • Re-pinning & Replacing Felts as Needed
  • Tuning and Voicing

This would be a very nice starter piano for the musician in your home, and is a great size for a small music studio or living room.

George Steck Piano History

George Steck was a German immigrant who opened up a piano manufacturing company in New York in 1857. His factories soon grew along with his fame. He was the first to develop the independent cast iron frame, and won medals in Vienna and Philadelphia in the 1870's. The Steck instruments were praised by Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner.

The Aeolian piano company acquired the company in 1904 and produced the Steck pianos until the 1980's. From 2004 on, George Steck has been owned by various Asian piano companies, and was imported from China until 2015. It is no longer made today.

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Additional fees may be added to the delivery of acoustic pianos if there are flights of stairs, steep inclines, tight corners or the use of a crane is required.


We guarantee our work with a 2-year mechanical warranty.
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