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Chickering 5'6"

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5'6" Mahogany Satin Grand Piano - Serial #109670 - 1906

This Mahogany Satin 5'6" grand with a Luis XV style case was built in 1906. It has undergone restoration, but not by RPI. The soundboard is original and has been repaired. The pinblock and strings have been replaced, and the bridges are recapped. The hammers have been replaced. Details of this restoration cannot be verified since it was not done RPl. This piano is playable, and the tuning pins are tight, however the bridge caps were not done correctly, and there is cracking in the two upper registers. The pinblock is not seated as well as it could be, but the pins are tight and tunable. The action parts (other than the hammers) are original. This piano is being sold as-is. It could last 2 or 10 years just fine, but eventually will need more repairs.


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The case is in great condition. This piano is sold as-is, and therefore is not warrantied.

Chickering Piano History

Jonas Chickering began making square pianos in Boston, MA in 1923. In fact, the Chickering company was the 1st piano manufacturer in the USA. The company grew under the leadership of the Chickering family until 1908, when it was sold to the American Piano Company. During these years, the square piano was phased out, the the piano as we know it today grow to become a fixture in every home. The Chickering company became Chickering and Sons, and it was a well respected company during that time.

The American Piano company continued to produce the pianos under the Chickering and Sons name and eventually merged with the Aeolian Corporation in the 1930s. You will find the Chickering with the Ampico Reproducing systems on them. The pianos were produced until the mid 1980's, with the final pianos completed in 1986. The name belongs to the makers of the Baldwin brand, but pianos with the Chickering name are no longer produced today.

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