Classic Open 2011Some Handsome Hands

Some Handsome Hands

The energetic and unusual piano trio Some Handsome Hands lit up the stage Friday for Blüthner Night at the 2011 Classic Open Leipzig.

The Leipzig marketplace was packed for the annual Blüthner Night, a star performance series of the annual Leipzig Classic Open. The three pianists Anne Salié, Alina Pronina, and Alyana Abitova treated the crowd to an enchanting jaunt through classical, operatic, and modern musical themes, delivered with an acutely entertaining program of physical comedy and stagemannship.

The intoxicating symbiosis of performing trio piano on a single instrument was palatable, as the trio performed an extensive an engaging program of works from composers like Brahms, Mozart, Gershwin, Saint-Saens, Rossini, Rachmaninoff and Baynov. What began as a simple game in their conservatory practice rooms has developed into a passion for trio piano and the dimensions it offers even the most well-known pieces for new interpretation and energy. The majority of the works performed by Some Handsome Hands have been tailor made for the trio, some modern pieces have even been written specifically for their style.

Their concert performance is a top event in Germany and abroad. Their program draws on every ounce of their skill as professionally trained classical pianists, while delivering elements of comedy throughout. Playing with the audience, the trio reveals a subtle hint of the intricacies and acrobatic challenges required for their unique musical ideas.

Metrorhythmia (Composed by Tomislav Baynov) performed at the Blüthner Classic In Jeans 2011.

Some Handsome Hands - Flight of The Bumblebee

Blüthner Classic In Jeans Feat. Some Handsome Hands

Some Handsome Hands - Jiannis Antonopoulos: Medley from Scott Joplin

"Russian Dance for 6 Hands" Music by Lidia Kalendareva & Alin Cristian Oprea

Tritsch Tratsch Polka - Some Handsome Hands. Open Classic 2011 in Leipzig.

Some Handsome Hands in concert - 1 of 2 - Neubrandenburg (Germany), 28/8/2008

Some Handsome Hands in concert - 2 of 2 - Neubrandenburg (Germany), 28/8/2008