The Challenge

The pleasure of playing the piano should be made affordable for all people. This does not mean that fine craftsmanship and the selection of appropriate high quality materials are neglected. We are proud of the quality we are able to offer for you to enjoy.

Your personal satisfaction is the best recommendation. Sit down and play one of our instruments, you will immediately be surprised by the performance: "A round singing tone." A piano is an expensive investment so it is normal to look also at the aspects of design and lasting value. Nothing has been left to chance. Beautiful form combined with a sturdy construction ensure lasting satisfaction.

Lasting Value and Enjoyment

There is nothing that tops the sound and the touch of an acoustic piano. The choice is yours.

Let's Make Music

Playing the piano is a means of supporting the intellectual development of children and it helps to increase mental abilities. Youngsters, who play the piano learn more efficiently, show better social competencies and integrate themselves easier into social structures. Adults improve their efficiency to work and react more appropriately and competently in stress situations. Older people improve their intellectual and mental fitness. These effects are based on scientific research and can be observed whenever you meet a piano player.