the production - still handcrafted and traditional

No compromises are taken when a Haessler is made. Age old expertise and modern construction methods aid in determining the finest materials needed to build Haessler instruments, thus assuring that the wood that is best suited is chosen for each part. The parts are then assembled with great care to assure high performance and continuous high quality that makes the Haessler outstanding in its class.

Action and Hammers

ActionThe Renner action of the Haessler grand is made using traditional materials proven for trouble free use completely devoid of plastic (artificial) materials. This carefully made and assembled action gives the pianist every advantage to meet all musical needs.

The Abel hammers are fabricated of carefully selected and processed felt that matches the requirements for different densities from the lower to the upper notes.


The keys are made of spruce with acrylic tops and ebony sharps, weighted individually to produce a responsive touch throughout the scale.


spruceThe soundboard is made from the finest spruce harvested from the eastern Alps of Austria. Careful attention is given to grain direction and grain tightness to insure expressive tonal response. Soundboard crown is precisely formed to provide rich resonance. Selected hardwoods laminated together to form the bridge, provide the vital link between soundboard and string that produces Haessler's colorful tone.

Pin Block and Strings

The pin-block is made of 18 or more layers of compressed durable beech hardwood, which forms a firm foundation for the tuning pins.

The piano strings are made of special high elastic steel, precision drawn for evenness in size. Copper wound bass strings are made in-house to insure high quality and careful attention to our scale design.


Top ViewThe iron frame has to take the high tensions of the strings approaching easily 20 tons. However, it also is an important decorative part of the instrument. The arts of designing and engineering have created a form that is appealing to the eye. The casting is done in gray iron, which is afterwards polished to its glimmering appearance.

Inner Rim, Cross Beams and Outer Rim

Solid spruce bracings reinforce the multi-laminated inner rim.

Solid red beech cross beam for extra stability.

Multi-layer outer rim construction, inner faced with birds-eye maple veneer.

Top and Lid

Fitted with chamfered edging, with 2-stage lid prop.

Legs and Pedals

The leg fittings are of the dove tail system for easy fastening. Legs are made with solid hard wood with solid brass castors.

Pedals include unacorda, sostenuto, and sustain (3 pedal system).

Blüthner reserves the right to change specifications without notice.