1888 - Saw Mill in Leutzsch

1888 Saw MillTo make room for the ever-increasing production, land was purchased in Leutzsch, a suburb of Leipzig, where a modern sawmill was installed to produce the boards of the different timbers.


1890 - New premises in Leutzsch

Soon the manufacturing facilities became too small for the growing level of production. Julius Blüthner purchased the rented workshop and also a large plot of land on which he built step by step until 1890 when he established the new factory suitable for 1200 workers, with a 85000 m2 manufacturing area to house the various production departments.

1890 new premisesThis picture shows the interior of the factory extension built to accommodate the growing production. Large storage facilities for the timber and modern machinery increased the capacity for woodworking. Also the seasoning of the timber, at that time still a long process, was now more efficient.

The demand for instruments was increasing steadily particularly in South America, Australia and other South Asian countries which enabled, Blüthner to become one of the most important European piano companies. Buenos Aires, Manila, Bombay, Bangkok, everywhere Blüthner instruments found high acclaim, and this prevails till the present in spite of many historical changes.

1899 - An Original Invoice

This invoice from 1899 was personally written by Julius Blüthner. The impressive letterhead proudly shows the many awards received by the Julius Blüthner Pianoforte Company.


1899 InvoiceFirst prizes adorn the paper:

1865 Merseburg, 1867 Paris, 1867 Chemnitz, 1870 Cassel, 1873 Vienna, 1876 Philadelphia, 1878 Puebla, 1880 Sydney, 1881 Melbourne, 1883 Amsterdam, 1889 Melbourne, 1894 Antwerp, 1897 Guatemala, 1897 Leipzig.

Julius Blüthner himself occasionally enjoyed writing invoices which today are a valuable collector's item. Here a Blüthner grand, Style 4 A with Aliquot scaling, was sold to the boy's choir of the protestant church, Leipzig, at a price of 4310 Reich mark. Blüthner confirms receipt of payment with his signature.

1903 - 50 Years of Blüthner

50 Years of Blüthner were celebrated in 1903 and an artistically decorated script for the Jubilee was published for the occasion, Today it is a collector's item. 50,000 Blüthner instruments had been produced to this point.

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