Born From Tradition

Designed & Manufactured By Blüthner

It is a rare thing when a manufacturer possesses the skill to render two completely different voices with virtuosity. This is what Blüthner has achieved in creating the Haessler piano. In 1853, Julius Blüthner established the identity of his instrument utilizing classical methods of piano building, obtaining the unparalleled height of piano performance in the Blüthner instrument. Abroad, the high demand for German craftsmanship dictated that a modern, more expedient process be developed. In a tribute to Dr. Rudolf Blüthner-Haessler, one of the great visionaries of the Blüthner Family, we are proud to offer the distinct voice of the Haessler piano.

The Haessler piano includes age old proven methods and the use of the finest materials and high quality workmanship to make a leader in its class. Beautiful and harmonious cabinet design and style include the use of selected woods and finishes that contributes to its elegant appearance. See and experience the elegance of the totally new Haessler.

The Challenge: to combine high technological standards with quality and reasonable costs.

A superior instrument, which deserves the title "made by Blüthner", has come into being. The superb combination of the old traditional art of piano craftsmanship and innovative design is invested into each Haessler. The result gives you proof that there is no other piano in the world which offers you high quality standards for reasonable costs.


The first few notes played on the new Haessler piano reveal a completely new musical sensation. Its special brilliance laced with sweet harmony gives you a new feeling in music making that can only come about through the experience of five generations in making fine pianos combined with the latest knowledge and research in piano design and construction.

To own a Haessler piano means a choice made for a quality instrument in the company of the Blüthner family of great instruments. Fine workmanship gives assurance of a sound investment and contributes with it's beautiful styling to the elegance and superior life style of your home. Owning a Haessler will win the admiration of your friends for your excellent choice.