PH Pianette

The e-Klavier PH Pianette is the sound or art. The form of the e-Klavier PH Pianette was first designed in 1932 by the world-famous Danish designer, Poul Henningsen, and remains a timeless creation to this day. The e-Klavier PH Pianette combines Danish design with German quality at the highest level, and fits into any modern interior with the combination of leather, steel and wooden parts.

Boasting state-of-the-art digital technology, the PH Pianette offers the same unique Blüthner Model One concert grand voice, as well as the e-Klavier Direct Control Interface (DCI) operating concept and the Blüthner Grand Touch action. The e-Klavier PH Pianette is also capable of transferring audio files from your smartphone, PC laptop or tablet device via Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy your music library in high quality sound.

aabAuthentic Acoustic Behavior® rendering acoustic-type behavior in the digital domain.

apsBlüthner Model 1 Sound sources R.A.S.: Real Acoustic Sampling and APS - Acoustic Piano Simulation ® Technology

gtouchBlüthner Ivory Feel Wooden Action ® - 4 Zones Graded Hammers with escapement

aliquotBlüthner Aliquot String Resonance Modeling®

drmDamper Resonance Modeling utilizing Blüthner APS ® Technology

speakersBlüthner 2.1 Audio Speaker System 2 x 6" + 2 x 4" Speakers made for Blüthner

maxpoli256 Note Polyphony - Split, Dual, 4 Zones Layer voiceing - Performance Mode

sounds35 Blüthner Sounds + 256 GM Sounds + Effects: Reverb, Multi Effects, Global Equalizer

usbUSB Host, USB Device, MIDI Trio, Stereo IN (3,5")/OUT (6,3"), 2x Headphones

dciDirect Control Interface - intuitive display-supported panel

recorderUSB Recorder: Midi, Wave USB Player: Midi, Wave, MP3

transposeTranspose: 24 Semitones up and down

tuningTuning: Fine-Tune by 0.5 Hz steps

touchweightTouch Weight Adjustment: customizable keyboard resistance

metronomeMetronome: Tempo-range 20 to 250 BPM


Design by Poul Henningsen

Height: 42" (107 cm)

Width: 54.5" (138.6 cm)

Depth: 25" (63 cm)

Weight: 231 lbs (105 kg)