Homeline - Blüthner Digital Piano

Impressive sound and advanced technology in an elegant case design.

Impressive Features

  • Blüthner Concert Grand sound
  • True 2.1 Audio Speaker System
  • Display-supported control panel
  • Blüthner Grand Touch Action with double escapement
  • Bluetooth® Audio and USB connectivity
  • WAV, MP3 or MIDI-file formats

aabAuthentic Acoustic Behavior® rendering acoustic-type behavior in the digital domain.

apsBlüthner Model 1 Sound sources R.A.S.: Real Acoustic Sampling and APS - Acoustic Piano Simulation ® Technology

gtouchBlüthner Ivory Feel Wooden Action ® - 4 Zones Graded Hammers with escapement

aliquotBlüthner Aliquot String Resonance Modeling®

drmDamper Resonance Modeling utilizing Blüthner APS ® Technology

speakersBlüthner 2.1 Audio Speaker System 2 x 6" + 2 x 4" Speakers made for Blüthner

maxpoli256 Note Polyphony - Split, Dual, 4 Zones Layer voiceing - Performance Mode

sounds35 Blüthner Sounds + 256 GM Sounds + Effects: Reverb, Multi Effects, Global Equalizer

usbUSB Host, USB Device, MIDI Trio, Stereo IN (3,5")/OUT (6,3"), 2x Headphones

dciDirect Control Interface - intuitive display-supported panel

recorderUSB Recorder: Midi, Wave USB Player: Midi, Wave, MP3

transposeTranspose: 24 Semitones up and down

tuningTuning: Fine-Tune by 0.5 Hz steps

touchweightTouch Weight Adjustment: customizable keyboard resistance

metronomeMetronome: Tempo-range 20 to 250 BPM


Ebony Satin

Mahogany Satin

Beech (pictured)

Ebony Polished