eGrand - Blüthner Digital Grand

The e-Grand digital pianos distinguish themselves by their modern case styling amongst a sea of other digital pianos, marking a new standard for grand piano design and sound. The built-in BOSE® speaker system delivers a rich sound experience. The authentic sound of the Blüthner Model One Concert Grand has been realized through the latest Blüthner A.P.S. Acoustic Piano Simulation®. The Bluetooth® audio and USB connectivity come standard in the e-Grand.

Fitted with Quick-Selection buttons and an LCD display, the e-Grand offers intuitive access to a wide range of features and functions. The Ivory Feel Keyboard with a graded action provides a sensitive interface to explore the featured Blüthner Model 1 grand piano sound.

The e-Grand is also capable of transferring audio files from your smartphone, PC laptop or tablet device via Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy your music library in high quality sound.

The Blüthner e-Grand is available in two models:

  • e-Grand "Studio" - a baby grand size in black satin finish
  • e-Grand "Concert" - a grand size in black satin finish

aabAuthentic Acoustic Behavior® rendering acoustic-type behavior in the digital domain.

apsBlüthner APS - Acoustic Piano Simulation® Technology

gtouchBlüthner Ivory Feel Wooden Action® - 4 Zones Graded Hammers with escapement

aliquotBlüthner Aliquot String Resonance Modeling®

drmDamper Resonance Modeling utilizing Blüthner APS® Technology

speakersBOSE® speaker system

maxpoli256 Note Polyphony

sounds25 Blüthner Sounds + 128 GM Sounds for Midifiles

usbUSB Host Player: Midi, Wav, MP3, USB

dciNew Blüthner I Control - ICS Intelligent Control System

recorderRecording: 100 Songs to internal memory, Unlimited to USB

transposeTranspose: 24 Semitones up and down

tuningTuning: Fine-Tune by 0.5 Hz steps

touchweightTouch Weight Adjustment: customizable keyboard resistance

metronomeMetronome: Tempo-range 20 to 250 BPM


Studio - 2'10.5" (88cm) grand size in black satin

Concert - 4'8" (143cm) grand size in black satin (pictured)