Alexander Paley

Sergei Prokofiev

Ten Pieces from the Ballett "Romeo & Juliette", op. 75 (1935/37)

1. Folk Dance - Allegro giocoso

2. Scene/The Street Awakens - Allegretto

3. Minuet/Arrival of the Guests - Assai moderato

4. Juliette-young maiden: The young Juliette - Vivace

5. Masks - Andante marciale

6. Montague's and Capulet's - Allegro pesante

7. Friar Lawrence - Andante espressivo

8. Mercutio - Allegro giocoso

9. Dance of the Young Ladies with Lilies - Andante con eleganza

10. Romeo and Juliette before parting, Romeo bids Juliette farewell -


Three Pieces from the Ballet "Cinderella", op. 95 (1942)

11. Pavane - Andante grazioso

12. Gavotte - Allegretto

13. Slow Waltz - Adagio

Six Pieces from the Ballet "Cinderella", op. 102 (1944)

14. Grand Waltz - Allegretto

15. Cinderella's Variation - Allegro grazioso

16. The Quarrel - Moderato/Allegro irato

17. Waltz - Allegro espressivo

18. Pas de Châle - Allegretto

19. Amoroso - Moderato dolce

Playing Time 69:94

BLT-AP10016 Blüthner World


Concert Hall: Reception Hall of Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH

Prokofiev's music for solo piano - no staging, orchestra or dancers? This is hard to imagine, yet the composer’s piano transcriptions of music from the ballets 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Cinderella' captivate the listener with their intensity and passion.

Inspired by his love of nature and mankind, the works radiate Prokofiev's zest for life with their richly portrayed characterization and vivid pictorial detail. Alexander Paley succeeds magnificently in portraying the characters musically, and without choreography or spectacle he conjures an imaginative and intoxicating pianistic drama, both colourful and poetic.


Alexander Paley