Transfigured Tchaikovsky

Petronel Malan, Piano

Transcriptions by Isaac Mikhnovsky and Samuil Feinberg

Transcriptions by Isaac Mikhnovsky (1914 - 1978)

1. Amid the Din of the Ball op. 38 No. 3

2. Frenzied Nights, Sleepless Nights op. 60 No. 6

3. In This Moonlit Night op. 73 No. 3

4. None But the Lonely Heart op. 6 No. 6

5. Wait op. 16 No. 2

6. O Child! Beneath Your Window op. 67 No. 6

7. Bitterly and Sweetly op. 6 No. 3

8. As Over the Burning Ashes op. 25 No. 2

9. We Sat Together op. 73 No. 1

10. So What More Can I Say? op. 16 No. 5

11. Reconciliation op. 25 No. 1

12. I Opened the Window op. 67 No. 2

13. Whether the Day Reigns op. 47 No. 6

Transcriptions by Samuil Feinberg (1890 - 1962)

14. Spring op. 54 No. 3

15. My Little Garden op. 54 No. 3

16. Child's Song: My Lizochek op. 54 No. 12

Playing Time 52:00

Haenssler Classic 98.640

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Transcriptions, adaptations, transformations - how do composers reenvision the works of their colleagues? Indeed, repurposing the music of another composer is almost as old as composition itself and it can become a truly fascinating exploration when music from one medium is transferred to a different instrument. On this new CD South African pianist, Petronel Malan takes us on just such an excursion through the songs of Tchaikovsky, transfigured by several of his distinguished compatriots. Hearing these songs, some well-known others less so, in this new virtuoso setting will no doubt introduce many listeners to the hidden beauties of Tchaikovsky's songs and provide further evidence of Ms. Malan's creative and adventurous programming.


Petronel Malan