Transfigured Beethoven

Petronel Malan, Piano

Beethoven Transcriptions by Friedman, Heller, Kalkbrenner, Seiss, Sgambati, Tausig & Raff


1. 33 Variations 0n a theme by Beethoven Op. 130


2. Menuet for solo piano


3. Fantasia for the Piano Forte on Beethoven's Celebrated Waltz Op.



4. German Dances, Allegro moderato - Allegretto grazioso - Allegro



5. Romance No. 1 for solo piano


6. String Quartet Op. 59, No. 1, Adagio

7. String Quartet Op. 59, No. 2, Scherzo

8. String Quartet Op. 59, No. 3, Andante

9. String Quartet Op. 130, Kavantine


10. Ecossaises

Playing Time 78:32

Haenssler Classic 98.286

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Recorded on a Blüthner Model 1 Concert Grand.

The "Transfigured" series has been the focus of South African Pianist Petronel Malan (currently living in the US) provides a singular perspective on music history. The theme of each volume has been to focus on how composers of later generations have re-envisioned the works of a master, in this case, Beethoven. Many highly interesting pieces, forgotten and lost from the standard repertoire have been brought to light through Ms. Malan's research. Petronel Malan performs this extremely difficult music brilliantly and with inspiration. This is pianist and triple Grammy nominee Petronel Malan's third album for Hänssler Classic.


Petronel Malan