Hommage à Debussy

Works for Piano CD III

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

Chenyin Li, Piano

01. L'Isle joyeuse (1904)

Estampes (1903)

02. Pagodes

03. La soirée dans Grenade

04. Jardins sous la pluie

05. D'un cahier d'esquisses (1904)

06. Pièce pour piano - Morceau de concours (1904)

07. Masques (1904)

Préludes Livre II (1912 – 1913)

08. Brouillards

09. Feuilles mortes

10. La puerta del vino

11. Les fées sont d'exquises danseuses

12. Bruyères

13. General Lavine excentric

14. Les terrasses des audiences du clair de lune

15. Ondine

16. Hommage à S. Pickwick Esq. PPMPC

17. Canope

18. Les tierces alternées

18. Feux d'artifice

Playing Time 72:00

GENUIN 12228

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Recorded on a Blüthner Model 1 Concert Grand

For the third time, GENUIN is honouring the great impressionistic master: it is called "Hommage à Debussy" when the brilliant, young Chinese pianist Chenyin Li wraps the listeners in the sonic garlands of "L'Isle joyeuse." She travels with us to the "Pagodes" of the Far East and visits "Gardens in the Rain." And not least, she presents the great second cycle of Préludes: each individual piece is as beautiful as a Monet, finely chiselled, with colours as if drawn out of a rainbow... music to dream by!

Hommage a Debussy

Hommage à Debussy - Special Edition

Works for Piano

Juliana Steinbach, Piano

Amir Tebenikhin, Piano

Chenyin Li, Piano

Julia Dahlkvist, Piano

This special edition 4 CD Boxed Set is available directly from GENUIN and Blüthner. Includes CD listed above.

GENUIN 4 CD Boxed Set

Blüthner World

Claude Debussy played his beloved Blüthner grand piano throughout his life. This was the occasion for the Leipzig piano manufacturer Blüthner to dedicate a 4-CD cycle to the French impressionist composer. For this, he invited four promising pianists to record nearly the complete piano works of Debussy. Blüthner used for the recordings a grand piano very close in sound to the Debussy Blüthner grand. Thus this 4-CD box not only demonstrates the variety and finesse of Debussy's piano music, but also the sonic ideal of the great French impressionist. A must for Debussy lovers!


Hommage a Debussy