blÜthner uprights - a selection of finishes

Blüthner pianos are available in the following finishes. (Rollover images to enlarge)

Franz Schubert Model A

"Franz Schubert" Model A - Cherry Polish

Makassar Ebony Model A

Model A - Makassar Ebony

Cherry w/Yew Inlay A

Model A - Cherry Polish with Yew Inlay

Bubinga Model B

Model B - Bubinga Polish

Cherry Model C

Model C - Cherry Polish

Camphor Model A

Model A - Camphor

Alder Model C

Model C - Waxed Alder

Bluethner World Logo
Bluethner World Logo

Mahogany Model B

Model B - Mahogany Polish

Cherry Model B

Model B - Cherry Satin

Bubinga Model B

Model B - Bubinga Polish

Walnut w/Rosewood Inlay A

Model A - Walnut Satin with Rosewood Inlay

Walnut Model A

Model A - Walnut Polish

Walnut Model C

Model C - Walnut Satin

Ebony Model I

Model I - Ebony Polish